Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 274 - 30th September 2012 - Great Blue Heron and A Sparrow

Sunday has made it here again, last day of the month too. Ah they are still giving rain for today - heavy at times. Temperatures are mild at +17.2. Would have enjoyed some sunshine today - beginning to feel moldy! The water has certainly risen, where it was low last month we'll soon be having flooding issues.  Feel like I might be coming down with something - cold last night, not right up to snuff this morning. Hoping this passes quickly. Lots of housework to do today as I was gone all day yesterday. Bridal Shower this afternoon. Other than that I see nothing exciting on the horizon for me.
Between events yesterday we drove over to Islands Park to visit friends who were camping there. These are the ones with the camper which looks like a mobile home - and girlfriend don`t be shaking your head you know it`s true! The wedding was lovely yesterday - I think the rain knocked off long enough for them to get some outside photos. Hoping the couple will be happy for many years to come. It had been a long day so we grabbed a few groceries and headed home early.
This guy was fab - Great Blue Heron. I wish the weather had been better so I could have gotten a little closer.
I'm definitely going back over some time this week to try to catch him again.
This was a cute little guy, sitting on my fence outside the kitchen window.
Front view, I never know the names of these little brown birds - maybe a sparrow of some sort.
Umm...looks like one of our exercise class poses.
Evening on the lake with a few ducks in the foreground.
Well folks that's it for me. Enjoy your day!

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  1. ha ha true dat....but it is in fact Billy's mobile home on wheels...I am permitted to visit :) nice photos by the way and I hope you had fun at the wedding....I echo your wishes for a lifetime of happiness to the newlyweds :)