Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 273 - 29th September 2012 - Sunrise, Mist and Ducks

Woke up to the sound of rain on the windows, guess the weatherman is right on this time. Perhaps it will be a good thing as it means people won't be able to work out side and will come to our Book Fair. Hoping it will clear some for the wedding we are going to at 4:30. They've moved it to inside but outside photos are always nice. Fingers crossed everything goes well today! My favourite time of year and this is the second Saturday in a row we've had rain - yuk.
A Happy Birthday to Cindy today and a belated Happy Anniversary to Karen and her hubby. Another year girls!
Friday was definitely chilly in the morning when I headed down to the lake to catch the sun coming up, but as usual it warmed up. Got everything I needed  ready for the Book fair, packed it up and we loaded it all in Susan's little car. Full to the gunnel's as they say! Larry loaded ours up with what we had at home last evening as well. I went down to the lake last evening to try to catch the moon but there was too much cloud cover, although I did see it high in the sky when I was on my way to bed. There's always next month, right!

One of my favourites from my early morning jaunt.
The sky was streaked with pink.
On my way to meet Nancy, this is what I saw -
The ducks were in the lake - I think these two are in love!
Rising over the mist.
Floating across the mist as it rises from the lake.
So that was my morning before I even got to work. No wonder I couldn't seem to get settled all day, dreaming of mist.
Just a little warning, since it's going to be a really long day, I maybe a little late tomorrow morning. Time to get a few things finished off. Enjoy your day!

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