Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 262 - 18th September 2012 - Yellow flowers, Fungi, A Gnome and Ducks

Tuesday - by the look of the weather forecast it will be the last fine day for the rest of the week. Temperature is +7.5, certainly different than even a week ago. But it's great for sleeping. These days the house is cooler than it is outside when we come home at night. I'm not ready to have a fire going yet, that seems so...so... like winter closing in.

Yesterday was a beautiful day but definitely fallish. My camera card decided to act wonky in the morning so I didn't get any photos of the beautiful sun coming through the fog over the lake on my way to work - Grrrr! Just picture it. I'm not sure exactly what the issue was but I did get it sorted out later, but too late. Oh well sometimes life sucks but no point in getting worked up over the little stuff. Our Community Talks group is having a potluck lunch meeting on Thursday. This will be the third year that our four organziations have gotten together to jointly host guest speakers - some are local some are from other parts of the province. But always with great appeal. Can't wait it - will be hours of thrashing around ideas with wonderful colleagues. I'm going to make dessert - something chocolate I think for meneopausal women! What could be better. Exercise class last night - I'm still able to move but usually it hits on the second day - look out tomorrow.

Some yellow still along the side of the road - wild flowers or weeds perhaps.
And of course a few dandelions still around.
Love this fungi up and down the tree - so cool!
Time to move on.
And they leave me.
This little garden gnome is enjoying the last days of summer.
Will soon be time to put this garden globes away until next spring.
Am running a bit late this morning so best get with it. Enjoy your day!


  1. Kim, depending on what it is, that tree fungi may be edible. Not sure, but maybe...

    1. You are right Darrell, although I never mess with things I'm not sure of - think it has something to do with a grandmother who always said - "don't pick that up, don't put that in your mouth"!LOL!