Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 264 - 20th September 2012 - Ferns, Lake, Horseshoes and Flowers

Thursday morning - I don't hear rain but it's suppose to start later. Still dark out there. Today I'm off to our luncheon meeting, can't wait. I don't usually get excited about meetings, but this one will also involve some chatter - laughter and tears I'm sure which are all good for the soul. Have some things to clean up at the office before I go. Exercise class tonight, guessing I will have pain in new places. Just joking - I do have some stiffness in my upper legs and arms. Obviously something is working.

The rain came yesterday afternoon and didn't stop or at least it felt that way. I'm not sure if I really accomplished much on my day off, started off well but seemed to drift away. Made dessert for today's meeting, did the norm of laundry,housework, cooked supper and walked Lexi. Had some layout work and photo editing to do for someone that took a few hours, but I don't think that should have taken the whole day...anyway the day disappeared. Maybe it was the weather - darkness seemed to come with the afternoon, although I did consider a nap I resisted.
It was blowing hard and the sky was darkening lunch time when Lexi and I walked down to the lake.
Some of the ferns are beginning to change colors.
A great idea for a flower planter - an old tree stump.
These flowers are all weather, no worries about frost with them.
Leaves from above fall on the horseshoe pit waiting for warmer days to play again.
The horseshoes are put away.
tThe beach is pretty well gone for another summer, the water has risen and will be much higher after then next 4-5 days. Swamps will soon be full and winter will arrive. But for now, I'll enjoy the fall.
Time to get going, the rest of the house is up and mobile. Enjoy your day!

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