Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 260 - 16th September 2012 - Whirligigs and Boat Races

Sunday morning - a little earlier than I planned but you know how that goes. Off to the Hall this morning to prepare food - sandwiches etc and decorate for a 90th Birthday Open House. This is one lovely lady and I'm happy to spend my time getting ready for her celebration. She's blessed with four sons or they are blessed with her, not sure which. Happy Birthday Joyce!

Yesterday was busy and exciting. Got the general housework done in the morning and headed for town around lunch time to the water front. Checked out the Whirligigs and then waited for the boat races. They postponed them til 5pm. Ironically word on the street was "not enough wind at times for the Whirligigs but too much for the boats". I wore earplugs and was laughed at but it did dull the noise somewhat - since I have a hearing loss anyway, thought it might be a good idea! We left when a shower came down, which was only short lived but it was time to grab some groceries and head for home. I only heard good things about the event and there seemed to be lots of people enjoying the Whirligigs as well, so hopefully the boat races will turn into an annual event. Our little town looked full all day of people who were having a good time - we need to see more of that. I'm sure that it also brought in some business to local restaurants etc. It's a good thing as Martha Stewart would say. Thanks to organizers of both events which seemed to work well together for all your hard work! Can't do these things without volunteers!
Lots of colorful whirligigs! This clown was cute!
This one is a little more modern with CD's over it.
I really liked these ones!
The boats were practicing, warming up etc.
I'm betting these are wet rides, my favourite pics are the ones with lots of spray!HA!HA!
They sure move fast!
Don't forget to look up in the sky - never know what you will see flying by!
This was my favourite photo.
Just after and he comes out of the spray.
Found a few ducks, they didn't seem to be bothered by the noise.
Those clouds started looking awful threatening.
Our Canadian and Nova Scotian flags as they blow in the wind.
Nose to nose and they take off!
Can't tell who will win this one.
Two more get lined up and ready.
Not much of this boat in the water - he looks airborne!
Leaving the competition behind.
As I was downloaded my photos last evening the program froze, I thought I had lost everything but did find them on the computer - whew, was sure I had lost them all (1300). I've really got to clean up the laptop, it's getting a little photo heavy!
Enjoy your day. 


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  1. You captured the diversity of our little community and the down home feeling.