Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 267 - 23rd September 2012 - Boats

Sunday and the forecasts says some clearing although will be cloudy. I can live with that. I'm getting a little tired of the dampness and would like the humidity to drop back out of the picture again. Not sure what's on the plans for today. Larry will probably put more wood in the basement, maybe gather some veggies out of the garden. I'm sure I can find something to keep myself out of trouble - there are some tomatoes that need to be cooked up and I suppose I could make some cookies for the lunch boxes.

Yesterday was mostly rainy and humid. It did knock off before supper time when we went to Larry's boss' birthday BBQ. Had a nice evening and got home around 9pm, you know me - not one for a late night. It was a fun evening out.  I managed to get the house cleaned up some during the day and hopefully today will clear and I can get some photos - it's been several days since I've had a chance to take my camera out for a walk . I did spent some time in the afternoon moving all of 2011's photos on to my external hard drive and doing a back up of my laptop - neccesary maintenance.
These are some I took last weekend from the water front before the boat races.

Lots of Cape Island boats were in the harbour to watch the races.
You can see just a hint of color coming in the trees of the background.
Lots of colorful buoys too.
Sorry folks - you've got last weeks photos and nothing terribly inspiring from me this morning, some days are like that aren't they? Enjoy your day.


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