Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 84 - 25th March 2013 - Ducks, Cranberries, Pussy Willows and Clouds

Back to the work week, where do weekends go? Little nippy this morning at -1.0 but it's suppose to warm up. Hopefully the carpet of white in the yard will disappear today. Wouldn't mind getting back out to do some yard work later this week. Today I've got to finish up some research I've been working on and I need to get started on editing that manuscript I read a few weeks ago. Seems my day is getting mapped out and of course there is walks with Lexi and exercise class this evening.
Sunday was another great day - much warmer than Saturday and only a few flurries in the morning. Larry and Lexi went to Upper Clyde leaving me home and free most of the day. Buzzed around got some housework done, cooked a nice ham for supper and hit the hood. Got to work off those darn cinnamon rolls, especially since I think pizza buns maybe on the agenda for this week some time. Finally after supper I got some decent shots of the Wood Ducks and I think we heard loons calling. Happy, happy day!
 Think they were landing.
 Sky had pretty clouds today - big and fluffy drifting around.
 My fav - the cranberry ditch.
 A few more are beginning to open, but unfortunately with the road work and new shoulders there won't be quite as many this year on our stretch of road.
 My purple crocus has decided to stand up strong and come out of the snow!
 It was a lovely day.
 A pair of Wood ducks, with a Black duck in the background. The male is one handsome dude!
 A second pair flew in but the female is off to the right - I didn't get her in this photo.
 Unfortunately I startled them all when they were feeding. Even when I hide in the bushes they sense I'm there.
Both pair of Wood Ducks - shy and nervous.

Time to finish up my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Oh how i have missed MY BLOG!!!!!! lol it is good to be home and to see photos of my fav. ducks (wood ducks) awesome photos and they almost look surreal(spelling???) have an awesome day I going to attempt to clean off my desk and what doesnt get done might just go in the shredder :)