Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 71 - 12th March 2013 - Back to the Birds and a Bit of Ice

Temperatures is +2.4 this morning, but the house is cold. I let the fire go out yesterday afternoon and we didn't bother to build one in the evening since it was still warm, but not this morning. Anyway the fire is going now, won't take long to warm things up. I'm in town for a bit this morning, lunch with Dad then home. Hopefully the afternoon will be nice enough to get some things done outside.
Monday was another nice day, maybe not quite as warm as Sunday but at 4:30 I looked at the thermometer and it was +10.9 - no complaints from me! So it was a busy day - had research to do before Wednesday, did a couple of extra meals up since I'm roaming two days this week instead of one and since it was so nice Lexi and I put in another hour in the flower beds. Sometimes it's a little difficult to work with a 55 lb assistant laying in your lap. We got some done and had some giggles too. Lots of birds, I thought the Red Polls would be heading north by now. I'm sure there are at least 75 of them, so maybe they are banding together.
 The gang's all here!
 I wondered if this poor apple tree would hold the weight of them all!
 A little shell ice in the morning.
 Blue Jay stopped in several times.

 The Red breasted nuthatch was a frequent visitor.

The Chickadee was trying a hand at acrobatics.

Must check out my scrabble games. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Kind of scarey....the birds have decided to stay lol does that make you a leader of the gang...the Godfeather ...might see you tomorrow. Enjoy your lunch with your dad.