Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 82 - 23rd March 2013 - Sunrise

Overslept this morning or slept in. Temperature is -2.9, a little chilly. Lots of big blue clouds in the sky this morning as the sun comes up, not quite as pretty as yesterday morning. Off to town for groceries in a bit, then I think Larry and Lexi are heading over to Upper Clyde. I'll putter around the house and enjoy some me time.
I couldn't resist yesterday morning heading to the lake to capture the sunrise. It was beautiful and I roamed through several backyards in my standard garb - pj's, rubber boots and jacket. Straight off the runways of Paris or the backwoods of Nova Scotia. It was so calm and beautiful. After a few minutes I could hear the sheep and donkey at the farm on the hill, the geese honked overhead and the crows were calling for their breakfast next door. Life in the country. Now if that white stuff around the yard would disappear and my flowers come back I'd be a really happy camper!
 Just a glimmer of light when I walked down.

 Pretty shades of pink with clouds passing by.

 Everything reflects in the lake.

Gets brighter as I wait.

From another neighbour's yard you can see the sun peeking up from the tree line.

Almost up and very bright!

Just one of my funky droplet pics. looks more like pieces of a straw.

Time to finish my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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