Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 72 - 13th March 2013 - Ducks Chickadees & The Geese

Well it's Wednesday, and my volunteer/errand day. Weather wise - I'm not looking forward to it, 30 mm of rain, rah!rah! I'm sure it will be useful and probably needed, don't think the water is as high as it should be.
I'm hoping for a quiet day where I can get lots done and caught up just a little.
Yesterday was a little bit chillier than the last few days, but still not too bad. Good morning in town and I enjoyed having dinner with Dad - he cooked for me (Shrimps and chips) and I did the dishes up. After our tea he ran me home. Seems I never have enough time to spend visiting with him so it was nice to have that chance to chat. Sometimes we need to just take that extra time. Remember that old song line "you don't know whatcha got til it's gone". So then it was home with my girl who insisted we get in as many walks as we do in a normal day - not letting me off the hook for being away for a few hours. About 6:30 last evening Lois calls and says they're back, they're back - the pair of geese from last year. Ok, so in the country it is alright to throw on your jacket and rubber boots over your pj's and go down the road - right? Yeah, not many people in this area haven't seen me roaming around with my camera in my pj's (usually in the early morning though). Sure enough they had arrived. That to us meant spring for sure. Now after the ice leaves the loons will arrived back.
A few of the girls.
 And the boys.
 Another Woodpecker tree.
The Chickadees were great to watch yesterday afternoon.

 Really hoping they settle in and raise a family this year!

Time for coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. awesome photos!!! I am a little jealous lol. I went to visit my Mom last night and really should plan on a weekly visit the phone just doesnt cut it. She put on a nice pot of tea and we talked and I shared stories of vacation (her comment was she would Pray for me) I didnt think I was that bad!! Have a good day and make it productive....I insist :)