Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 62 - 3rd March 2013 - Cranberries and Birds in the Hood

Sunday, temperature is +0.4 and it's kind of blah out. They are giving a chance of flurries or rain, nice to have a choice! It's good to sleep in and not get up in the middle of the night for a change but I"m beginning to fear that I'm lay in bed too long. Need to shake that off and find sometime in the middle to make me happy. Early enough to have some me time but late enough to feel rested.
Yesterday was one of those overcast mild days, with a bit of drizzle by late afternoon. Did our town thing in the morning, then home by lunch time. Larry worked on making some bird feeders and I did some laundry and computer work.  I stalked the neighbours feeders yesterday afternoon, usually they don't mind - most are used to me.
 Ice is mostly gone from the cranberry ditches.
 This is from mine - the little brown creeper - so hard to see them as they blend in with the wood.
 The chickadees are always amusing.
 A Junco.
 A few more cranberries.
 Not sure if she is a Downy or a Hairy Woodpecker.
 I love this feeder. The small birds can get in but not the squirrels or large birds. On my list for next year.
And the Feeder thief - he's cute just the same.

 White throated Sparrow and Junco.
White breasted Nuthatch. I have the red breasted ones but rarely see these ones at my feeders.

Must go look in the freezer for something for supper and get going. Enjoy your Day!

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  1. Great photos as always :) Your woodpecker looks like a Downy to me (from the size of his beak at least!)