Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 80 - 21st March 2013 - Ice, Droplets, Mergansers and Geese

Thursday and a little nippy, temperature is -3.2. Today will be my town day, get some errands done, see some people, etc. Larry's off so he can stay home and tend the furnace and roam the hood with Lexi - planned that well! Not really planned just fell into it. Looks like it's suppose to be a half decent day. Some kind of a system coming this evening or tomorrow but I don't think we are suppose to get much here in the banana belt!
I decided to stay home yesterday, the road and weather was just not that appealing to me. For years when I did trade shows, etc. I had to travel in bad weather so these days I just chill out. I was glad to stay home, it drizzled, hailed and there were snow flurries, eventually it brightened up before supper. It was a good day to bake cinnamon rolls (recipe here - )- had that urge to knead bread dough, of course I had three (smallish ones) as soon as they were cool enough to tear apart and of course had the drizzle on them. So that should be good for a couple of extra pounds. Lexi and I made a few loops around the neighbourhood. Didn't see the geese, until we walked down behind us and I spied the mergansers. Then as we got to the shore there were the geese with two mallards. Guess they must have been looking for the Royal photographer!
 No clothes hanging out today.
 The wind blew the snow up in some places, leaving it bare in others.
 I kind of had a droplet theme going on today.
 Doesn't that look like spring? not!
 Icicles drip, drip, drip.
 This was where I had a crocus in bloom last week.
 Two pairs of common mergansers. Some day I'll get closer.
 More drips.
And the Royal couple.

Have to get a few things ready before I go. Enjoy your day!

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