Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 77 - 18th March 2013 - Sunrises, Birds, Ducks & Geese

Monday and it is sure cold this morning, temperature is -9.8. Weather doesn't look all that great this week, guess there won't be much gardening done around here. Lexi and I will get some walking in, it's cookie making day and I suppose I've got research I'd like to see the end of some I can start something new later this week. Sounds like an exciting day, heh?
Yesterday was another nice day but a little cool. When I saw the sun rise over the lake I couldn't resist pulling on boots, coat and gloves and heading down even though it was cold. What a beautiful sight and the only sound were ducks near the islands and the occasional mourning dove cooing. By supper time the wind had really picked up. Larry and Lexi went to Upper Clyde in the morning and didn't come home til late afternoon. Oh it was so nice to have the house to myself for a good portion of the day. Scrubbed floors, did dishes, laundry and enjoyed some time watching the ducks and geese. Cooked a roast chicken supper with lots of good veggies so leftovers to start the week off right.
 Early morning on the lake, with just a sliver of ice along the shoreline.

 A Black Duck moves on.
 The Goldfinches are getting their summer coloring - more vibrant.
 The reflections of both the geese and the trees in the water.
 A nap following supper, or maybe before I'm not sure.
 A regal step into the water.
Mallards, moving on.

I'm in serious need of another coffee to jump start myself this morning. Enjoy your day!

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