Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 79 - 20th March 2013 - Sunrise, Geese and Ducks

It's Wednesday, and my town day. Temperature is +0.3 and there is about 6 inches of snow on the ground. No I'm not impressed!! We haven't had ice pellets/freezing rain yet or at least I don't think so. I am so ready for spring!! Lots to do in Town, I usually email myself a to do list so I don't forget anything, have found that to be an effective way of remembering.
Well, I've never taken so many bad photos as I did yesterday. Not sure what it was all about but maybe it just happens every once in a while. I hope not often. Twice I heard the geese honking and tried to get some pics of them flying in and landing, both times - bad, bad, bad. And they were great opportunities. Tried some flying ducks later, not great either. Will chalk it up to a learning experience, since I can see what I did wrong. Heard the Royals were visiting around the hood and a little further up the road. They stopped to check out a farm - the one that has very loose turkeys, some cattle, a pig or two, chickens and of course Jack the dog. Wonder what they though of all that.   It was a day to make phone calls, catch up on some computer work and do some cooking. Did up some meals for the next few days. The leftover roast chicken got diced up, mixed with some veggies, bit of rice and stuffed into green peppers. Then I decided to top them with a cheesy biscuit mixture. Next was the Italian sausage and rice casserole, with diced tomatoes, hot salsa topped with crushed up nachoes and cheese. I rarely ever cook with white rice, I really like a 5 grain medley from the bulk barn but used brown rice this time. So we should be good for three nights. Some time this week I'm going to back bread or rolls, it's been a few weeks.
 Early morning on the lake.

 A few drops of ice.
 A couple of the better landing photos.

Walking on water!

 Black duck landing.
Black Ducks moving on.

Must get another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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