Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 73 - 14th March 2013 - Ducks and Chickadees

Thursday, temperature is +1.4 and the stars are all out, rain has stopped! Not sure what's on the agenda today, I know I definitely need to get some things done around here, but I'm also making good headway in the research I started last evening. So maybe be a combination of both. Oh yes Lexi and I will have to check out the lake and see if there is any ice left and the geese are still around. Hopefully I'll get some better shots of them today.
It was wet, cold and miserable yesterday in my opinion. Rain this time of year is so cold, not warm and refreshing like the summer months. Got some stuff done - not everything of course, and some errands, but as you know by now Wednesday is not my best day and my brain is fried by the time I get home. At least there were leftovers for supper and could just be popped in the microwave without any thought. An evening in front of tele and pc with feet up - not terribly exciting! Left over photos today.
Nice to see the ducks back.
The chickadee was hiding.
Think we need to re think this contraption - think we need a larger wire mesh.
Even in all the rain yesterday they were bobbing back and forth to the feeders.

Need to get the coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hopefully you aregetting lots accomplished today!! I finally just minutes ago got the Weight Watchers stuff done!!! I need a coffee :)