Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 88 - 29th March 2013 - Sunrises and Mergansers

Brr, it feels a little chilly, temperature is -1.7 but looks like it will warm up.  I've had a well earned sleep. Seems kind of strange to actually see the sun starting to rise when you get up rather than my habit of waiting an hour or two for it. Looks like it will be another beautiful sky, I'd go catch it but at least one cup a coffee before running around in the morning.  It's a holiday so most businesses will be closed, families will be home for the long weekend, governments, banks and schools also have Monday off but not regular people.  Larry and Lexi will head to Upper Clyde for most of the day, I'm home then off to day in the afternoon.  Not a terrible exciting day but a good one I hope.
Thought Thursday was going to be a beautiful day, temperature went up to +7 before lunch. Lexi and I took an early roam around the hood and I was lucky enough to spy a female merganser hanging out with a pair of Mallards. Now I know I'm becoming obsessed when I crawl through the bushes and hide behind a rock with just my head and camera lens over the top to get photos. Lexi was good she just sauntered around, waded in the water and sat beside me. I think she's an Aussie duck tolling dog. Patience is indeed what it takes as today I finally got some shots I was happy with. When we walked back later on it began to hail, the ducks had left so we went back home and rebuilt the fire in the furnace. Made  cookies for the Stella & Dot party, did laundry and other mundane things around the house. Exercise class last night was a hurtful affair.
 Nice shades of pinks an blues.
 The sun is glowing behind the treeline.
I startled a pair of ducks in the cove, but I like their flying silhouettes against the sky.

 Can't say she's beautiful but she does have a certain striking look about her.
 She was hanging out with these mallards.

 She's got quite a hair do!

If I want to chase sunrises, definitely got to get this coffee gone. Enjoy your day!

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