Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 64 - 5th March 2013 - Birds and Cinnamon Rolls

Temperature is just above zero +0.6. Another day of choices in the weather department - I'm betting more drizzle for here. Would love to see some sun. Woke up in the night to the digital clock flashing so guess the power went out at some point. Larry has one on his side and I have one on my night stand so I felt like I was in the middle of a disco after that - with flashing clocks!  Need to finish off the newsletter so that can be printed on Wednesday and snail mailed/emailed. Glad the bulk go via email. I think I've got a few other computer projects to finish off and Lexi and I will roam around some.
So yesterday was damp, drizzly again, but the temperatures are creeping upward so can't complain too much. I'm sure I heard a loon in the morning but since the ice is breaking up in the lake and not gone I must have been mistaken, but can be hopeful. The chickadees were starting to sing their spring time song so yes I think it's on it's way. Before you know it all those snow birds south of the border will soon be heading homeward too. Cinnamon rolls again in the morning, cut them a bit smaller but they are still plenty big.
Exercise class last night and it was a good work out! I needed that.
 The red breasted nuthatch, one of my favourite visitors.
 I think the goldfinches are fence sitters.
 Finally the White breasted nuthatch arrived and spent most of the morning hanging out at the deck feeder.
 Another fence sitter - the Red Polls are very photogenic.
 Rain drops and reflections in the cranberry ditch.
Batch of cinnamon rolls - and they were so good!

The gang's all here!

Well time to kick start myself and get moving. Enjoy your day!

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