Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 67 - 8th March 2013 - The Ice is Leaving

I'm guessing you have noticed a few changes this morning in the blog layout. I can thank a good friend who is an expert in the design business, and a good cook.  Thanks Darrell!  I won't leave the Lexi with snow photo up for ever, it will change soon to something a little more spring like. Friday, the wind is still blowing  and feels cold even though the temperature is +0.6. I'm not looking at the forecast anymore, it's never right! Today I'm back to reading, research and housework  - the 2 "r's" not 3! 
Thursday was +3 most of the day but felt so much colder and the wind was of hurricane strength I'm sure, grey and cloudy all day. It was a real let down in the weather department and meant that I was forced to work inside. I picked up the manuscript the Society is going to publish in a 2-3 months and began to read. Some really interesting stuff. A bit of editing is needed and I'm also going to add some photos. People love pictures, especially older ones. Called our printer today and he'll send me a quote in a few days. So I managed to accomplish a few things including walks with Lexi. A lot of the snow is gone in the woods and the lake is breaking up. Was a little worried walking through the path in the woods, having visions of one of us laying under a tree they way some were swaying back and forth but we managed. Exercise class last night  - my butt was still hurting from Monday night so I'm thinking by Saturday I"ll barely be able to move.
 I'm seeing big patches of water!

 The wind blows the water over the ice.

 This was a mistake - partly a reflection in the kitchen window, but I kind of like it. Looks like more fencing around the yard.
Soon I'll be taking photos of green only, no dried up leftovers.

Last day of the work week. Enjoy your day!

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  1. OSBBJ, no birds lol. Love the format and the photo of Princess Lexi. I thought for sure the house was going to blow down last night but did the fire ever draw baffling but it sure ground up the wood. I look forward to the new publication. People do love photos that will relate to the text and sometimes it makes the visit to the past more realistic(not sure what I was trying to say) lol but I am sure you figured it out!!! My brain is tired and not sure if it is catching up from vacation or wanting to go back on vacation!!!