Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 61 - 2nd March 2013 - Birds on a Snowy Day

Saturday and off to town sometime today for groceries, dog food, gas and we will be broke again. Oh well, guess we can't take it with us. I'm not expecting anything terrible exciting to take place today but you never know the way things have been going lately.
Yesterday was snow storm day, or at least mid way through the morning most of the weather stations decided we were having one. Sometimes it's better if you use common sense instead of listening to the "experts". I puttered around did some house work and computer work. Larry was home and decided to do a soup out of the last of the turkey - that bird really lasted a long time! Good value for $12.00.
It was a great day at the feeders, one thing about a snow storm - the birds are all hungry and a better judge of the weather. I got a little carried away with the bird photos but they were good subjects and fun to watch.
Red Polls were all around.

 Mixed in with a a Goldfinch or two.

 The arrival of the Evening Grosbeaks.

 Nice to have some bright colors to look at on a snowy day!

 Everyone seems to be getting  a turn in the feeder.

 The fence provides extra seating.

And some just wait in the trees.

Time for my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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