Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 69 - 10th March 2013 - Birds, Park, Dock Street and Ducks

Did you all remember to set your clocks ahead?? I didn't bother but will change them all throughout the day, although I knew when I looked at the clock this morning it was an hour later. Temperature is -0.6, a little nippy. Suppose to be another warm day, actually this week doesn't look too bad (I say that then they let me down again). I have no idea what's on for today - guess we will just let the day take us where it does.
So yesterday was groceries day and the reason for the rant! I have at least 12 recyclable grocery bags, so why do the clerks always try to squeeze all your groceries in to 3 bags??? Since I was on my own it was difficult to keep my eyes in two directions and unload the cart. When I say two directions I mean the price scanner [so I don't get ripped off] and the girl packing the bags. I get home, the milk on it's side is leaking, the bread is under cauliflower and broccoli and now looks like flat bread and so on. Since they are my bags and the store is not providing them what makes the difference how many they use??? Sorry, I'll probably take heat for this but it's usually the young ones, yes I know they need jobs and the only other one that was open [which is not unusual on Saturday morning] was the speedy 1-10 items and that had a grown up running the cash! My rant for the day. So the rest of the day went well, spent some time out in the yard - even though it was +7.6 that wind was chilly! Got one of my flower beds cleaned out so I could watch the tulips and daffodils springing up. Took a walk over to Lois' to see how much ice had left in their cove and imagine my surprise to see some of the ducks - a sure sign of SPRING in my mind. Had tea and a gab with Lois, home to Larry cooking burgers for supper. Life is good.
 After several days of only chickadees and nuthatches, the Evening Grosbeaks, Red Polls and Goldfinches arrived back yesterday morning.
 We drove over to the park after shopping. Looking at Dock Street.

 Still quite a bit of ice in the cove but enough water for the ducks to stop in and visit.

 Soon will be time for picnics at the Park.
They begin to take off.

And they are gone for another day!

Coffee time - Enjoy  your day!

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  1. Lol good rant! Oh how I miss the park....soon ;)