Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 68 - 9th March 2013 - Breaking Ice, Old Trees and Young Trees

Saturday, temperature is -1.8 and the wind seems to have died out some. I see the "wind warning" has been removed from us and they are giving fine for today - cloudy, but what's new. Larry has some brush, branches and limbs that need to be cleaned up and burned, so hopefully this wind dies out soon. Would be great to have it done before the end of the month. It's the grocery day for me, have all the paper work finally for our income tax so will drop that off, then maybe some work around the yard if it's fine this afternoon.
Another windy, windy day on Friday! Finished running through the manuscript for the first time - will do some editing next week. It has some great information and she's done a lot of research so it shouldn't take much. Have to reformat the layout, etc. All is good with that I think. Got that minimal housework done. Lexi and I braved the wind but when we walked down to the lake in the morning it was almost like you were blinded by it.
 I like the look of the ice as it breaks up.

 A little more water and a little less ice each day!

 Lexi stops to get a drink on our walk.
 Larry's chestnut tree is looking spring like.
 This old apple tree on our property doesn't have good apples any more but is a perfect spot for birds
 Reflections of the trees in the cranberry ditch below.
 This is what I was aiming to get yesterday.
Frills of fungi.

Time to check through the flyers and make my grocery list. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Awesome photos especially the photo of Lexi ;)