Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 59 - 28th February 2013 - Birds, Harbour and Houses

Thursday, the end of another month and the temperature is +1.3. Looks like we have a sprinkle of snow before it changed over to rain. The weather stations have a "winter storm watch in effect". This is only a yellow bar meaning they are just covering the backside in case we get something - maybe we will maybe we won't tonight/tomorrow.  Today it looks like rain so far. I'm sure everyone is getting tired of the weekend storms. Some work around here this morning, then I'm off to town this afternoon. I'm going to a funeral for the dear father of girls I grew up with. I spent many hours hanging out in that house with the family during my teen years.
Made it through another Wednesday - thank goodness! They are rather draining that's for sure.  Did get my hair cut and that felt oh so good and much lighter. Had the stuffed peppers for supper, they were good and there's a couple left over for lunch or supper today.
 Always a few gulls along the waterfront.

 A bit of ice here and there but other than that pretty nice.
Houses are colorful looking up John St.

 Lexi was sleeping on the deck, only a few feet from where the birds were feeding. Guess they've  made peace with one another.
It was sunny but still  birds around.

As has become my habit lately, I"m late. Enjoy your day!

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