Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 46 - 15th February 2013 - Birds, Clouds and Lexi

Friday, temperature is -5.5, a little chillier than we've been used to this week. Looks like rain coming for the weekend, but who knows until it arrives. The weather experts have been flip flopping over what Sunday will bring. The annual backyard bird count starts today, so I'm hoping I'll have a good flock of interesting birds at the feeders. Need to get a few more things for the yard sale and put them out so we can load them into the truck after supper.
Had some snow flurries yesterday morning, enough that the trees were all covered in white once again as we tramped through the woods. By noon time it was over and the sun was creeping out. Worked on some research, housework and digging through some things for the yard sale. Also found some knitting books that will go to the knitting group that meets in town weekly. Hoping everyone had  a nice Valentine Day. I put together a seafood crepe for supper made up of scallops, shrimp and lobster, one of Larry's favourite meals. I got chocolate of course - one of my favourite food groups. So our house was happy. Sure wish exercise class was cancelled, I could have used it last night.
 Hanging out on the roof top.
 He's become one of my favourites.

 Cracking a sunflower seed.
Great clouds in the sky lunch time over the lake.

And lovely Lexi having a bit of a bad hair day.

Time to get  moving. Enjoy your day!

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