Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 39 - 8th February 2013 - Lake, Goldfinch, New and Old Growth

Friday and it's storm preparation day. Environment Canada has the yellow bar "storm watch" up, I suppose at some point and time before the storm begins they'll change it to red - "storm warning". Temperature this morning is -17.7. Way too cold. So at 3:30 am this house was like a three ring circus, well it was a little earlier than that but that's when I got up. Larry got up to put wood in the furnace, steps on Lexi she growls and barks at him, there goes my sleep! Eventually they all crawl back in to bed and she seems to think it's snuggle time anyway enough for me - too much activity means I'm wide awake. Oh yes everyone else has gone back to sleep. It will be a long day but I'll squeeze out a nap this afternoon. Better get a Larry to pick up a few things on his way home, don't think we'll be going anywhere for a few days. I'm also figuring we'll have a power outage tomorrow too, charging up cell phone and camera battery. Will add a few bottles of water to the freezer to keep that filled [things stay colder longer in a full freezer] and batteries in lanterns, etc.
I continued on the saga of Anna Mack yesterday and her husband Louis L'Homme. I managed to get her obituary which filled in a few more details of her life, found them in census records and the last record I discovered was the ship manifest for the journey from Hamilton, Bermuda to Hobokan, N.J. which also gave their date of marriage. While rooting around through the box of photos again I discovered one of Louis identical to Anna's on the ship "Enroute to Bermuda". The trip took place in September 1930, I assume they were on holidays. A young woman at the age of 19 goes from her home in Clyde River, Nova Scotia to Boston, Ma. where she studies to become a doctor and lives the rest of her life in the area. She also was on the faculty of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Boston for a number of years. I think for the early 1900's this would have been quite an accomplishment for a woman. It was cold yesterday, temperature never got above -9 and I' m not sure what the wind chill was. Whipped around and did some housework before supper and exercise class last evening. Another good workout - lots of weights which I really like.
 When the wind blew the snow along the lake you could hardly see the other side.
 Pretty view, but oh so cold.
This little guy was all puffed up against the cold.

Black knot disease - not very pretty but interesting.

 I see something sprouting, but I'm not sure what - guess I'll have to wait until it blooms!
I've notice the chickadees like sitting on the top of this leftover weed.

Guess I'll read for a bit. Enjoy your day!


  1. 1900's doesn't need an apostrophe and what is "a Larry" ..your editor? Nice work otherwise. I enjoyed it. :)

  2. Nice job as usual. ;)it is nice to see the new growth