Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 49 - 18th February 2013 - Gone to the Birds, Again!

Sounds like a wild and windy Monday morning out there. Temperature is -4.6. I put on the back porch light - yup we got more snow and they still have a wind warning out! I see they've cancelled school already this morning - kids will be happy with a long weekend. Today is the last day of the bird count, so am hoping for something different at the feeders today, perhaps the wind will be kind enough to bring me a Cardinal (I'm not holding my breath). I've got lots to do - need to get some research finished done and maybe work some more in the photographs. I just noticed another lady bug on the coffee table, we sure seem to have a lot of those floating around the house this winter. Usually they are upstairs at the spare room windows, but for some reason this year they are downstairs as well. I guess they don't do any harm and outside in the garden they are a beneficial insect. So I'll leave them be.
Sunday brought with it rain most of the day and then switched to snow by supper time. Couldn't believe how quickly it became a blizzard. I did a bit of work around the house, then spent the rest of the day between the Internet, TV and a book. Larry puttered around in his workshop or did whatever men do in a workshop. I rarely go in that direction. Had a great bird count in the morning before it started raining. Not a lot of variety but great numbers, at one point I think there were at least 100 between the feeders and ground. I didn't drag myself into the storage room to finish cleaning that out, decided it would be best on a day when I was home on my own.
 The Evening Grosbeaks are certainly entertaining to watch.
 Goldfinch checking out the deck feeder.
 The nuthatch is happy to eat from the deck.
 There was probably about 35-40 Grosbeaks.
 The males are certainly bright and colorful.

The fence is always a popular resting spot.

 Can't forget the Red Polls.

Almost time for the rest of the family to get up. Enjoy your day!

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