Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 51 - 20th February 2013 - Icicles, Birds and the Lake

Wednesday, mild temperatures at +1.9 and sounds like it's raining. I'm off to town this morning to do my volunteer work and a few errands. There will be lots to do, already have a list (providing I don't leave it home). Doesn't sound like a photo day so I'll leave my camera home. Lunch at the Bean Dock - my favourite bacon/scallop wrap, it's a nice weekly treat.
Turned into a beautiful day, if you didn't have to walk on snow it actually felt like spring. Lexi and I were out and around numerous times enjoying the sun and warm air. Before lunch I had managed to get white bread made (turned out pretty good) and cookies which we called leftover cookies - a sugar like cookie with whatever was left from Christmas baking to put in them. The verdict was they were tasty. I did do a bit of housework and some research. The afternoon I kind of blew watching icicles melt and taking photos. Had a dreadful headache from the early morning which remained til I crawled in bed earlier than usual for me.
 It appears from the news reports that they have called off the search for the young fisherman, the County is in pain over the loss of these boys. It's a close knit area and the families and friends will draw support from one another and others.

I thought this was pretty cool.

 Quiet on the lake yesterday morning.
 The ice is pretty well covered in a layer of snow.
 Snoozing in the sun on her mound of snow.
Cracking open sunflower seeds.

The Chickadees spend most of the day flitting back and forth to the feeder.

I love to walk through the forest when the trees are covered in snow.

I hear the rest of the household getting up. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Nice photos especially Princess Lexi and the melting ice :).