Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 38 - 7th February 2013 - Leaves, Old wood, Birch Bark and Bling

Another chilly morning, temperature is -9.4. Today I've got to get some things done that I've been going to do all week. Seems that I get easily distracted. Woke up to see the stars are all out this morning, that must be a good sign although they say a storm is coming. Hope they are right for a change. 1 snow storm per winter works for me then lets move on to spring. They say February is a short month but I've always found it to be usually the coldest. Friends are off to the sunny south today for vacation and to escape the winter weather. Hoping they have fun and stay out of too much trouble.
So it felt like I wasted most of Wednesday but I was deep in research for almost 6 hours of the day. Thank goodness Lexi drags me out periodically for walks and we did stop and have tea with Lois late in the afternoon. Among my photos was one of a lady on the deck of a ship, written across the top was "Enroute to Bermuda, Anna G. Mack M.D." Looking at her outfit and guessing her age I'm thinking it was taken circa 1920's.  I was off and running again. Finally I did find some more information about her and an obituary which was on a paid site, so I had to put a request out on one of the lists to see if someone has access to it. I did know that she was from Clyde River, but found out she went to University in Boston and worked in that area most of her life. The saga continues. Now if I can just find out about the trip to Bermuda! I'll spend a little more time today on her but not the whole day.
 Sometimes I just like to play around with some editing.
 That looks a little more normal, but blue was fun.

 Looks like a Woodpecker's dream tree!
 I'm still trying to capture that little bit of bling in the snow.
 Should have taken a minute to look inside.
I guess it was more of a textural day.

The rest of the household will soon be up. Enjoy your day!

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