Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 45 - 14th February 2013 - Pigeons, Clothespins and Ducks

Thursday and Valentine's Day - Hope you didn't forget. I'm going to cook a special meal this evening - not sure yet what, but maybe seafood crepes. Temperature is -1.7, not too bad and it's suppose to warm up. Means Lexi and I will get some time in playing around outside. Some of the snow should have melted yesterday. Might be easier walking. Back to research mainly today and get a few things out for the yard sale on Saturday.
Yesterday was just manic- AHHH!! At least Wednesday is over for another week. First thing I did when I got home was put on the pj's and get supper going, my brain was mush the rest of the evening. I must admit weather wise it was a beautiful day.
From Grandmother's Journal:
14th February 1974: Overcast, mild turned real cold and fine. Now icy again. Bob & Bobbie to MC. On a cat but small and Bobbie didn't shoot at it. To Bridge at Maizie's. Very cold night, below 0. 
15th February - Beautiful to day. Very cold. Bob & Bobbie to MC to check heir snares. Home around 6 o'clock. Me to Rogers for more dental work. 
16h February - Lovely winter day. We stayed in bed late. Bobbie B. here while we are eating our breakfast. Bob & Bobbie stayed home today to rest. Both played out. 
17th February - Very nasty snowy day. 7 o'clock it was fine, by 8:30 snowing. Looks like about 5-8 inches around 1:30. Windy and seems like turning to rain. What a day, worse this year so far. At bed time high wind all evening. Still storming some. Bad storm 11-12 inches.

 Roof top pigeons - not my favourite bird at all.
 Ice floating in the harbour, you can see across to the Park.
 Garden remains.
Such bright and colorful clothespins dancing along the line.

Merganser in the Harbour, not great photos as I had the light in the wrong direction.
The loon is getting some breakfast.
Just as he gets ready to dive again.
This pair of Golden Eye's were in the river on the way home last evening.

Well time to get moving the rest will be up in a few minutes. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Happy valentines day my friend! Thanks for Grandmothers Journal ice here but overcast and oh my the rain last night. Not much planned for today we called and hard a little yarn with Kathy ;). Have a good day and I love the photo of the clothesline