Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 43 - 12th February 2013 - Boats, Lake and Bling

The morning has not started off well. Got up at 2:30 am, finally at 4:3 0am I laid down on the sofa and slept for 2 hours and had weird dreams, so I'm still missing a few hours of sleep plus I went to bed later than normal. Blah! Temperature this morning is definitely milder +4.5 and rainy. Guess the snow will be go, here comes the ice once it chills down again. Have no idea what I'll have brains or energy for today, maybe I'll come around in a bit but right now I feel like a zombie.
I buckled down yesterday and got some work done. Last grant application off the list - thanks for on-line applications. However, towards the end was stupid question number 101 - wanting to know about our environmental physical activity according to a new regulation or some such garbage. Clicked on the link to see what they were talking about - off the the Justice Department website and CANADIAN ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT ACT, 2012. I love reading government regulations/acts [NOT], after running my eyes over it I decided that no we were not building or abandoning an airport, pipeline, mine or numerous other things that would disturb wildlife/wetland or life in general. Lexi and I did our normal jaunt around the neighbourhood numerous times, she loves the deep snow. I should mention that I've been corrected regarding the temperature yesterday morning - it was more like -21 according to my dear husband on his way to work. Go figure, I thought it felt warmer! Exercise class last night - good workout, nasty drive home though. Cindy got us through both!
 Looks like we have a little attitude going on.
 Boats are pulled high, but the snow drifted in around them.

 Still hunting the elusive snow bling.
 Everthing was kind of crispy looking.
 The bright morning light plays games with colors.
 On the Lake.
Looking out at the lake, she doesn't know anymore which is lake or land, both are covered in snow.

Got to get the coffee in to me. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Drinking my coffee and reading my blog loo life is good! You will have to go to bed early tonight or bunker down on the sofa to give the eyeballs a mugup later today! I have to do one of the workplace assessments yearly ughhh I feel your pain as they are never worded properly or should I say easy to complete. Jeff cooked breakfast and darlene made the coffee ...thank goodness I am known for not making good coffee. I will check in on you later. Have a good day