Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 40 - 9th February 2013 - Sunrise, Lexi, Grosbeaks and Storms

Saturday and it's storm day. Well I wrote this up last night and set it to post this morning, but it's 5 am, I'm up and we still have power/internet so I'm rewriting a few things. Snow plow just went by - way to go guys! Temperature is -6.6.  Put the back door light on so I could check things out - looks like a fair amount of snow came down overnight and boy is it blowing hard. Sounds like the New England States got clobbered with this weather, I'm reading 18 inches in some places. That's a lot of shoveling. Hope everyone is able to stay home tucked up inside and watching from their windows but I know there will be many that have to go out  to work, travel safely.Today will be a day of puttering around, maybe back to the family photos or curled up with a good book.
Spent Friday more or less preparing for the storm. By early morning Environment Canada had popped up the red bar "Storm Warning". I think one big storm per season will be alright so long as the power doesn't stay off too long. My number one entertainment during a power outage is to eat! I've aimed to sideline the junk food and made soup, rolls and zucchini muffins yesterday for something a little healthier. I'm sure I'll be into the chocolate before the day is out. Lexi was wired for sound yesterday, in and out and pacing last evening. I guess animals know what the weather is going to do. I did managed to coax her down for a nap with me in the afternoon, after an early morning my head started aching by mid day. A lazy evening in front of the television finished out the day.
The sky that started the storm.
 Once again I can't resist the sunrise on those cold mornings.

 Hiding from me, I think.
Tracks on the ice, neighbour must have been out playing.

You could just tell that there was something in the works.

 The Evening Grosbeaks arrived as well.
The birds were feeding pretty heavy yesterday.

Hopefully you'll hear from me tomorrow providing the power/interest stays. Enjoy your day, stay safe and warm!

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  1. My only question "how goes the chocolate supply?"