Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 52 - 21st February 2013 - Trees, Mourning Doves and a Bird House

A new layer of snow on the ground this morning, probably only an inch or so, not much. Temperature is -1.0. Brought a few research projects home to work on, hopefully I can get those done up before next week and out of my hair. That would be a few things caught up on. I'm really ready for a short excursion, maybe a day trip to the beach if the weather is fine on the weekend. I have the feeling of wanting to escape for a brief period of time.
Ugh, I really really dislike Wednesdays! By the time I got home my brain was totally drained. Other people have a lot worse things going on in their life so I won't complain anymore. On the up side the rain stopped before noon and it turned out really mild. Today is another day!
Grandmother's Journal:
20th February 1974:
Hard rain, fog and very mild. Bob home. Me to work. Thunderstorm in Yarmouth. Bobbie up around supper time. I'm trying to diet and very miserable. 
21st February - Nice day, cold. Bridge at Hilda's. Lovely evening not very cold. Bob to M.C. in morning, drove up to house. Roads let up in the day when sun gets warm. I worked at the store all day. 
22nd February - Rather overcast day. I walked to work. Lovely morning. Bob to MC back at noon time as roads are sloppy. [40 years later, the roads are still sloppy this time of year].
A gall or black rot - too high for me to really tell.
Mourning Doves perched, singing their song.
Ready and waiting for spring and the nest builders.
Through the path we go.
A little leftover from fall.

\Time for my second cup of coffee. Enjoy your day!

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