Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 47 - 16th February 2013 - Clouds, Laundry and Hoops

Saturday, temperature is -0.3, still mild. Off to the yardsale this morning at the school, hopefully we will sell some of our terrific junk ...oops I mean treasures. Nothing worse than packing a lot of it back up and of course the big thing is to raise some money for the Society. These days fundraising is a big part of any non-profit organization and it's more difficult to come up with good ideas that everyone else is doing. To make one trip, I'll do groceries while I'm in town too, banking and pick up my photo of the Blue Jays that's ready. Even though gas went down 1 cent, it's still not low enough to run back and forth to town. Not sure what the rest of the day is going to bring, but I think Larry will want to put wood in the basement when we get home.
Yesterday turned out quite warm and mild. Got the things done up on my list and Lexi and I spent sometime roaming the neighbourhood. One of our favourite past times. Even better when she's listening which for some reason she didn't yesterday and we had words about her behaviour. My life is feeling pretty dull, really need to get out to the beach or somewhere on a Saturday or Sunday just to revitalize myself and find something fresh to photograph.
I can see the bling!

 So someone else joined the feeders today, but kept to the ground. That's fine.
 Lovely fluffy clouds over the lake around lunch time.
 They just seem to drift along.
 Great day for drying clothes on the line. (Not mine)

Almost weather to shoot some hoops!

Must get another coffee and do a few things up. Enjoy your day!

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  1. I can see the bling as well. Lol nothing like clothes fresh from the line. Have a good day and sell lots of treasures ;)