Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 32 - 1st February 2013 - High winds, Ice and Red Polls

Friday and a new month begins - wonder what it will bring. Temperature is -0.1, so not too bad but I bet the roads could be a bit slippery this morning so take care driving to work. My favourite Aunt's birthday was today, she passed away 10 years ago from ALS. She was one of those vibrant people who loved life and we were all so glad to have known and had her in our family. In different ways her two daughters remind me of her every day. And of course there are the many memories that make us smile.  Guess today I better get done what I didn't do yesterday.
Had mostly a quiet Thursday, didn't feel right great in the morning so just grazed on easy eating food, gingerale and spent part of the morning on the sofa. I did come around in the afternoon and made it to exercise class in the evening. Boy did the wind blow hard, lots of trees down in the hood, in fact three neighbours had trees across their driveways and there was one in the road not far from our place. Life in the country. By 4 o'clock the rain had stopped, wind died out some and the sky was blue with big fluffy clouds. If you didn't see the debris all over the road it would be hard to believe we had anything. One thing I can say is that the folks that built our house around 150 years ago made it sturdy, not a creak or a shake.
 Ice is breaking up around the rocks.

 I think the days of skating are over unless we get more cold weather.
 The poor birds had a hard time in the wind.
 The seemed to like feeding close to the ground in protected areas.
 Foam on the ice.
 I think they are playing peek a boo again.

Waiting his turn.

Hopefully today will be better for getting out around the hood. Should be able to get some photos of the wind damage. Enjoy your day!

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  1. She sure was special and you are right both girls remind me of her in different ways!!
    Okay so we have established that I am not much of bird lover....but i have to say can you blame them for wanting to eat in more protected areas!! The way the wind is howling here in the park today walking around is dangerous!!!