Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 34 - 3rd February 2013 - The River, Mergansers and Cranberries

Sunday morning - up too early. Brought the book I was reading downstairs and read for an hour before turning the computer on. Temperature is -4.6, not quite as cold as yesterday. Turned on the outside back door light to see what the weather was doing and I see we had some snow over night. Checking the weather stations - the big red bar that said "snowfall warning" when I went to bed has now been changed to a green "snowfall ended" one. Looks like we are still getting some snow (not as much), but rain also which equals a mess. Sounds like mostly an inside day, I'm sure we can find something entertaining to do. I have a small storage room that could be tackled which could soon be on an episode of hoarders. Perhaps that's the thing to tackle today - I know half of what is in there could be tossed and a second pair of hands would truly be useful on that job.
Saturday was nice but nippy. Sam the groundhog saw his shadow so we are on to another 6 weeks of winter - was there really any doubt about that? It's kind of fun waiting to see what the little rodent is going to do. A quick trip to town to waste money on groceries and then home again. As I predicted, Larry put wood in the basement, then we took a drive down to the river to see if we could see any ducks. We parked and walked down the road along the water. A lazy Saturday evening for all of us in front of the tv.
Looking up the river as it soon goes back into the lake.

 Common Mergansers - Male has the dark head and females the reddish. They are certainly skittish.
 I'll try another day.
 Great spot to canoe down if the water isn't too low.
Nice spot, too cold for now.

 And one would a day be without one of my Red Polls.
My favs - cranberries.

Time to move on. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Go for it tackle that I think I have escaped being on an episode of hoarders and tackled a couple of drawers in the kitchen ysterday. The last room in the house requiring a "PURGE/CLEANSING" Nice photos ...and thank you for the help with the camera guide....I think it will be perfect for my needs. Have an awesome day. I am glad Jordan phoned as he would have been at Stanfield for several days....I didnt think his flight came in until Wednesday. Time for coffee:)