Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 53 - 22nd February 2013 - Squirrels, Birds & Lexi

Back to Friday, the end of the work week for many, temperatures are mild this morning at -0.5. Not bad for for nearly the end of February. Looks like I need to do a little work around here today. Not sure how one dog can have so many toys and they are spread all over the place, maybe she's just spoiled - can't imagine it!
She's basically a good dog, sometimes too smart. Larry often asks me how come she always knows what I'm saying but I've spent more time with her especially as a puppy and have always talked to her, better than admitting you talk to your self, right? My grandfather always had a kennel of dogs when I was growing up, a few of those were mine. In those days they were mostly hunting dogs and show dogs, but training from the puppy stage was always important it created more of a bond. He only had one that remained in the house and with him constantly and Tom was smart as a whip.
Yesterday went well, got off my butt and accomplished quite a few things. Lexi and I tramped through the woods. Had a good evening at exercise - it was hard after not being there for a week and I'm sure I'll be feeling it by Saturday. As crazy as it sounds I would like to step it up and add another class, just have to figure when and how.
They are going to search again for the missing fisherman, news reports say RCMP, Coast Guard and  divers are going to check the hull and some of the local boats have left to search as well. On checking things this morning seems the hull is no longer visible, not sure what will happen now. The community is suffering a lot of heartache and anguish, recovery would mean some closure to family and friends I think. Small communities really pull together in times of need and this one is certainly do that. 
 As cute as he is, he's beginning to be come a nuisance.
 Finally the birds had a chance.
 He's back!

 Enjoying a few flurries.
 And watching a mouse on the other side of the fence.
 It was so quiet on the lake.
The cranberry ditches are filled with some water again and frozen over.

Well almost time for the rest to wake up and getting rolling and I've poured my second coffee. Enjoy your day!

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