Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 41 - 10th February 2013 - Winds, Snow and Birds's cold this morning and I think the batteries in my digital thermometer have died. Looks like we got more snow, but the stars are out and the wind has calmed down considerably. Some more shoveling today and maybe a trip to town for the normal weekly groceries providing their is anything left on the shelves of the store. I will need to do some Valentine shopping too. Betting the girls in the hood will be out with their skis today!
It was a storm like few others yesterday. I'm guessing the last one we had like this was the Ground Hog Storm of 1976, but I'm sure the weather experts will weigh in on that. There was lots of flooding and damage in coastal areas around the County when the tide hit it's peak in the morning with the wind. Several areas clocked the wind at any where from 132 - 144 km/hr. That's pretty awesome. Made me glad I live in the country. Once again I thank the couple who built our house around 150 years ago, solid and we didn't feel a thing. Walked down to the lake before supper as it cleared off some, I found the wind - almost could not stand up. Lots of drifting here, so it was really hard to tell how much snow we actually had come down. CTV News van showed up in town and Lockeport in the afternoon checking out our storm surges (which had taken place at 7:30 am), sorry folks, the tide went out. Larry and I had mostly a lazy day, jigsaw puzzle, napping and then shoveling  for him, scrabble, internet, book and tv for me. I did spent lost of time watching the birds from the kitchen window. Early afternoon something swooped down [a hawk I assume] and picked up one of the little birds. I know that's life, but they were having such a hard time with the wind. Wish he could have found something else, and I hope he doesn't hang around here too long! Very surprised that we didn't lose our power yesterday or the internet until NS Power had to shut everyone down for 15 minutes last evening. Must have been to make a major repair with all the outages. I must say that's not a job I would have  wanted - those linemen and crews were out since early morning in the wind restoring power, too bad those in the company who make the really big money sitting in their ivory towers weren't out on the front lines.
Having a bad hair day.
 Meeting of the Grosbeaks.
 Larry refilling the feeders for the second time in the morning, boy were they hungry and there were so many.
Even a Starling stopped by for a quick bite.

 Around the deck.
 She seems to be a little ruffled.

 Everyone seemed to be getting along well.
 Trying to fly in to the feeder.
Could hardly see across the lake, I'm sure at times you couldn't.

Time for another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad you survived the storm and it looks like the birds are being well cared for. I am having a bad hair day lol. Too many bud light lime a ritas!! Pacing myself unsweetened ice tea for a bit. ;)