Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 44 - 13th February 2013 - Birds, Branches and Cupcakes

Wednesday and the temperature is definitely up there, + 1.3. Sleep was better last night, thank goodness. Being a mild day, I'm off to town to do volunteer work and errands, promises to be a busy day. I also want to check on Anna Mack that I researched last week and see if I can find anything more about her at the Centre while I'm in. Usually the only way I can remember to do everything I need to accomplish is to send myself an email or two as I think of things or make a list, otherwise I get home and have forgotten something. Too many distractions and I get sidelined on to something else.
I was pretty sluggish yesterday. The interrupted and lack of sleep just doesn't work well for me. Since Thursday is Valentine's Day I made some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Larry can take some to work with him and treat the office across the street. Lexi and I did manage to dodge around the ice everywhere and get out for a walk a few times, mostly through the woods. The fresh air felt good and helped to clear my head out. No ice in the woods but the snow is still deep in spots making it more difficult to walk, but at least there I can let her off the leash to run. Saw about 10 robins in the neighbour's yard - maybe a sign of spring? Actually they hang around all winter but I don't usually see that many at once. The birds were busy at the feeders yesterday for such a mild day. I keep my eye on the sky for the hawk that came through on Saturday but haven't seen him return, especially when there is a big flock and easy picking.
 I think he got caught in the rain - pretty raggedly looking.
The Nuthatch seems to be getting tamer.

 The Chickadees buzz around all day, think they are beginning to sing their "Spring Song".
 Hard to see but there are quite a few Red Polls and Goldfinches high in the apple tree.
Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese icing and a little red cinnamon heart for the sweetheart.

Time to get another coffee before the rest of the house gets mobile. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Nice looking cupcakes I am sure the office accross the road will appreciate the love! I hope you have a productive day!