Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 37 - 6th February 2013 - Birds and Bread

Wednesday and another cool morning, temperature is -9.2, too cold to go anywhere today. Slept in a little this morning, but then I was later going to bed than normal so that's all good. Will tackle that last student funding grant and some research today. No cooking or baking today, although I do enjoy spending the bulk of my time in the kitchen.
I've come to a revelation  for all of you using bread makers you don't know what you are missing doing bread the old fashion way. Recently a friend got me re-hooked on bread again. Now it's becoming a weekly event. There is nothing more relaxing than kneading that dough, works out all your stress and takes you to your happy place for 10-15 minutes. My Mom says she loves to knead and I can see why. Those machines take all the fun out of it and honestly how much more time does it take. I'm thinking that years ago it was probably the only peace and quiet many women got in their busy lives of running a household, children, husbands etc. Had a nice potluck supper last evening, lots of good food (and you know that's important), got home and the fire had gone out and boy was it chilly in the house. Wood has it draw backs - can't leave home for long.
Kind of sparse I would say.
 Beautiful day on the lake.
 The acrobatic goldfinch.
 And then he flips, I think he fell from there.

 My favourite girl, Lexi.
The Wisteria is even interesting in the winter months.

Looking a little more dignified here.

Rolls for the potluck supper and bread for home.

Time to check out the scrabble games. Enjoy your day!


  1. Lol I was up at 4 missed the notificatio while getting wood fw the fire. I can't see much on this stupid BB but that little goldfinch did not fall it was a finely executed acrobatic maneuver lol "look what I can do camera lady" lexi as regal as. Have a great and productive day ! ever nice looking bread and rolls

  2. Omg the typos "Lexi as regal as ever and nice looking bread and rolls". I am not a robot .....