Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 36 - 5th February 2013 - Sky, Birds and Pie

Tuesday, temperature is -7.4 more flurries forecast for today. I'm back in the kitchen today, going to make brown bread again and a shepherd's pie for the pot luck this evening. They had ground turkey on sale at Sobeys and it will suit my purpose nicely as well as my budget.  So that will keep me entertained, along with the odd roam around the hood and maybe going through some more of those photos. Would like to get them rehoused and away again.
To say Monday was not a good day is putting it mildly. I was all primed to tackle the pie crust and so I started...and threw it in the compost instead of the pie plate. Made the chocolate chips cookies instead, at least I can't go wrong with those. I was watching the birds at the feeder and bang one hits the window, I look down and it's a brown creeper, frozen to the floor I know I should go out and help it but I can't. Sounds really weird, I love to watch them, take photos of them but I am scared to death of birds. I guess it's the wing motion, I'm worse about bats but that's for another day. I watched and eventually he flew off. Thank goodness. Actually if he hadn't of hit the window I wouldn't have known he was hanging around, seems a bit shy. Decided with all that, Lexi and I would take a walk, clear my head and maybe revive my mood. I got to thinking about a lady I worked with many years ago at one of my first jobs. I waitressed at the Loyalist Inn through high school and college. Evelyn was a pastry cook there in the early years, she passed away last week at the age of 97. She was one of the best cooks and I would often sneak into the pantry where she made all the good stuff - roll, donuts, pies and cakes. Being kind and jolly she would often give me a roll hot out of the oven, but it was hard to convince her to ruin a piece of pie while getting it out of the pan. So I went home with renewed determination. Well crust #2 did make it to the pie plate and the oven, but still didn't look anything like it should, I filled it with lemon and made meringue for the top. Larry was happy. I told him it will cost $5. as it was suppose to go to a pie auction. It seems my very good friend has been missing the birds the last few days, so thought I had better get on the ball. Had a hard workout at exercise class last night, it was good to do stations for a change.

I guess during the big wind last week these chairs went topsy turvey.

The sky and my mood were very similar yesterday morning.

 Flying in or out I'm not sure which.
 The nuthatch is one of my favourites, just wish he would stay away from the window too.

 They are so funny, most of the time they are upside down.
I'm sure the Red Poll flock is increasing.

This is the brown creeper that hit the window. Appears to have made a full recovery.

And this is what started the problems of the day.

Time to get another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Yup those feathers kinda grow on ya!! lol I have been patiently waiting since about 4:30 when Kasey decided to let me know "Mom I gotta go and I mean now" so no more sleep for me ...a coffee my blog and stog the fire. I would say that you have a real creeper who has attached "itself" to you!! lol I am glad to see it made a full recovery like you they kind of scare the beJesus out of me(Hitchcock's the Birds) but I could sit and watch them all day/ Especially the Geese and Ducks. An uneventful day for me ...anxious to have my son walk through the door from his trip to California. His room is no longer a biohazard area but hey give him a couple of weeks and I am sure it will return to it's previous state. LOL a girl can dream....last mintute packing and check off the to do list and we should be good to go. Shane has my playbook set up and will take that with me....that should make viewing emails and my blog easier than on that stupid blackberry. Off for another coffee and will likely check in on you later.....ps there are two grown birds that will gladly accept all brown bread crumbs :) Hope today is better than yesterday for both of us I do not think the judicial system is ready to house us both simultaneously (spelling?) at the same time...it would be a prison guard's worst nightmare....you suffering withdrawal from taking pictures and baking and me from ?????( we will leave that section out) :)