Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 42 - 11th February 2013 - Birds, Snow in the Woods and on the Lake

Monday, feels a bit milder this morning, but I forgot to change the batteries in the digital thermometer so I'm not sure. Suppose to be warmer this week, perhaps spring is just around the corner. Today I need to buckle down and get some work done - finish up that last grant application, some research, etc. Attending an inside yard sale this Saturday, so need to dig out some precious junk for that. I'm sure I can find some around here. Hopefully it's a good fundraiser. The school is putting it on and our Society has booked a table .   Exercise class this evening.
Cleaned up and shoveled out the remains of the storm yesterday. Sky came out blue but still a bit windy. Headed into town and did the weekly groceries, gas and bird feed. Checked out the waterfront, although there was nothing to see other than snow. The town plows were busy clearing out the streets, making them passable again. Had a walk through the woods after lunch, in some places the drifts were high and other places - nothing.  Sounds like the girls in the hood got out skiing yesterday afternoon, hopefully they had a good time and could glide over drifts rather than through them. I on the other hand would probably be laying in them.
 I really like this shot of the Red Poll.
 High up in a tree, resting between snacks.
 Thought I would have another acrobatic performance, but not this time.
 Poking up through a drift.

Looking through the path.

 The snow had blustered up past the chairs and made quite a drift to the left.

 Had to crawl over the windfalls, with the snow they were a little higher than normal.
The road at the lake - plowed out, the highest side was up to my nose, yes, I know that's still not very deep for all of you that are so smart and know how tall I am!

Guess it's time to get this Monday started. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hopefully you git that grant application done! Afterall you don't have me annoying you. Love the photos of the paths and the chairs lol. We went and got groceries and beverages it is hot here today but cooling off later in the week. Ttyl tell Larry Billy is sitting on the balcony enjoying the sights