Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 120 - 30th April 2013 - Birds, Harbour and Daffodils

Well another month draws to an end. Time flies as they say! Looks likes we are going to have a beautiful sunrise again this morning, I could just see some light coming through the trees when I got up. Thank goodness I don't have to go quite as early today, found it makes for a long day when I leave here shortly after 7am. Hopefully I'll get into the swing of things, get a bit of work done in morning before going.
Survived my first day back, officially I am not open to the public on Mondays for a while - after being off for almost 6 months I need a day  in the dark to get some of the huge backlog that has accumulated cleared up. It was beautiful yesterday, and really hard to go back inside after I had been out at lunch time. Exercise class last night, a good work out although my head and feet didn't feel like they were working together. Some things I just don't seem to figure out! So long as I keep the feet moving they will catch on sooner or later. Maybe I'm just not co-ordinated! Larry worked in the "kitchen garden" boxes after supper, two look like they are all ready to plant in just one more to finish off.
 This Starling was singing his heart out yesterday morning on the waterfront.
 A loon still in his winter colors having breakfast.
 Looking down the harbour.
 The Purple Finches came up to the deck feeder to greet me when I came home last night.

Bird Chat

 These Daffodils are growing on a stone wall.
This sight was on our travels Sunday - so peaceful looking, a place to enjoy the birds.

Time for me to get moving. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Love the photos especially the last inevit I am not bird watching ;)