Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 112 - 22 April 2013 - Birds, Memories and Visits

Not a great way to start the week - rolled over and went back to sleep after the alarm went off. Usually Lexi will come back up and wake me if I do that (which is rare), but she just snuggled in too and went to sleep. Sky is looking pretty this morning, temperature is -0.3 - a little nippy. Suppose to be fine today with rain tomorrow so, I'm outside today. Guess we'll be doing yardwork etc.
Sunday was a beautiful day, but the wind was just a bit chilly at times. Puttered around home in the morning; Larry working on some raised beds for a kitchen garden and me in the house. At lunchtime we headed out for a Sunday drive, cameras and Lexi. We drove up around Clyde and did the loop. First stop was Briar Hill where we found swallows (no photos though - they were moving too fast), swamp sparrows and myrtle warblers. Next stop was near my grandparents home, we didn't go to the property  - I didn't have the heart to visit the place; recently it was broken into once again and vandalized. We did run into my cousin, her husband and two children out for a drive, perhaps thinking the same thing - revisiting places of the past. It was her grandmother that recently died, a sister to mine. At least once a year I make this pilgrimage to the past and usually memories come flooding through - only happy ones these days. Saw another Myrtle Warbler at the bridge here - they are among the spring warblers that arrive. Next, a brief stop at the cemetery - Mayflowers are blooming in abundance there and I'm sure we got ticks. We stopped next at an old farm house neither of us had been to in many years, the gate was open and the owner there. He showed us all through the house and we stayed for a "yarn". Down to Clyde River, Thomson's - we did take out for supper and had it at home. It was a nice afternoon.
 He's become one of my favourite spring birds - Song Sparrow
 Such a sweet voice.
 So big and fluffy.
 The lake was marvelous with the clouds drifting by.
 One of the old farm houses along our drive.
Swamp Sparrow

It was hard to get a good photo of him.

 Irene's daffodils have begun to open as well, these ones were gorgeous.
 Wooly caterpillar out for a walk. Larry  claims because he has no black coat that it will be a hot summer.
 Myrtle Warbler
 Caught this guy - Belted Kingfisher - after I got home and went for  a walk to check for ducks and geese.
 You can really hear them before you see them. They have a high pitch rattle.

Time to wake up. Enjoy your day!

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  1. I tried to comment from home but it prooved very difficult with 3 dogs begging to go out and play ball!! I love the walks/drives to the placves which evoke such wonderful childhood memories.....I find as I get older I am not nearly as sad ...I guess they call it melancholy. I have avoided July 1st celebrations in Lockeport the past few years as they still conjur up a little sadness however a drive past my grandparents home makes me smile. Then I visit with them for a bit (cemetary) I hope you have a productive day. I have decided I am more than ready for grandchildren as two legs has got to be much easier than 8 :)