Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 94 - 4th April 2013 - Ducks, Evening Grosbeaks, Chickadees and the Lake

Brrr it's nippy this morning, temperature is -0.4. Actually had a good sleep and up a a regular time (5:30am) just before the alarm went off, might be getting back to normal instead of laying around in bed  until 7am. I know the shame of a lazy person! Truthfully as nice as it is for some people sleeping in  usually just throws me off  kilter for the day. It's another day of "chances of flurries", so will no doubt be chilly. Will try to get back out in the yard for an hour or two to do some work in that direction. Have to do some editing on the manuscript - maybe this morning while I'm waiting for it to warm up some. Some roaming in the hood and I'm sure that will fill the day to our satisfaction.
Wicked Wednesday was what I should refer to yesterday as. Weather felt like January - cold northerly wind brought snow flurries off and on throughout the day. The morning was stressful, however, the afternoon evened out and I accomplished some things.
Checking in with Grandmother's Journal:
2nd April 1974 - Me to Dr. at 3:30, Bob to MC. Rained, snowed, hailed, windy - easterly. 
3rd April 1974 - Rain. Getting packed to go to MC.
4th April 1974 - Overcast, cold. Home to MC to get ready to move back. Road good. Some water on road.
5th April 1974 - Home to sleep. Cold and windy. 
Sounds like the weather in 1974 was very similar to ours this week. Guess some things really don't change.
 Mallard coming in for a landing.
 This Evening Grosbeak doesn't look too happy.
The Ducks are pairing up - Male and Female Mallard.

Beautiful fluffy clouds the other day.

Thin foam swirls along on the river.

 More blooms to come.
The Chickadees are such characters, always fun to watch.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Grandmother's journal right on cue!!! you are kind of clever aren't ya. Went to visit lil hour early you know me and time. I went to the house and visited for a bit. Get your work done and take some pictures will ya :)