Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 95 - 5th April 2013 - Grackles, Sparrows, Mayflowers and Geese

Friday and the work week is almost over for most folks. Temperature is  0.2 - hope it warms up some. So today's agenda - a bit of housework, outside work and editing. I could really ditch the housework and editing and make cinnamon rolls, that sounds much better. Will make a decision once I fully get my eyes open and brain in motion, only half way through my coffee right now. I'm really leaning towards those cinnamon rolls.
The weather perked up yesterday - sunny, temperatures up to +12 but the wind was still a tad chilly, although nothing we couldn't handle. It was a kind of a sad day, being the 10th anniversary of my wonderful Aunt Marion. She was a little woman [none are big in our family] but larger than life with an infectious smile and laugh. I need to remember that every day she is with us in her siblings, children and grandchildren. So it was a good day to work outside mostly in the fresh air and sunshine. Finished up the tiger lily bed, and started another one - not sure what will go in that since it's been empty for quite a while. May move a few things around or "borrow" from friends who are dividing some plants. Lexi and I of course roamed the hood, although there wasn't a lot going on. Managed a few pages of editing, with the help of Karen - love working with her again on a project. Great workout at exercise, I was already hurting by the time I got home.
I believe this is a Grackle. There are a number of them around this week, they are rather showy when the sun hits their feathers. Am beginning to think he's stalking me, everytime I look he's around!

 An odd cloud formation along the treeline yesterday morning.
 Mayflower buds - soon to be open.
 Song Sparrow checking out the seeds on the ground in the yard. He's distinguished from other sparrows by the patch on his chest.
 Found them in another spot today but they were heading in the direction of their regular rock to sunbath.
Juncos are more plentiful this week as well.

Time to finish by coffee and take some butter out to soften up. Enjoy your day!

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  1. yes a difficult day for all of us who had the pleasure of knowing and loving Marion. Just the mention of her name brings a smile and a little flutter in my heart. She may have been small but she made up for it with such a kind heart and she was tough!!! Qualities I see and am reminded of whenever I see one of her daughters or family members!! <3
    So we are off tomorrow on a little adventure...should be interesting to say the least...camo gear is packed as well as the camo blind....lots of leaves I can rake up if you think we need them :)