Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 109 - 19th April 2013 - Sunrises and the Feeder

It's Friday the end of the week, sound like rain for the day and part of the weekend. Certainly mild  at +6.5. So my head feels a bit wonky, nose is stuffed up, I'm not going to be very happy if I'm sick after steering clearing of all colds/flus and viruses this winter. Sounds like I won't get much done outside and this afternoon I'll be off to bid farewell to Aunt Kay.
Turned out to be a nice day on Thursday, but chilled off in the afternoon. Lexi and I prowled around the neighbourhood, got some work done in the house and outside. Started getting a headache in the afternoon and my stomach was feeling off. Not sure what that was all about, but didn't really finish my supper - no appetite as such. Had company arrived around supper time and if I had of had my act together I should have feed them. I was suppose to go to a talk last evening but didn't make it. Both girls suggested I go lay down, once they left I put my pj's on and curled up the evening.
 Another beautiful sunrise on the lake. The snowbirds should soon come home, don't know what you are missing! Peepers are peeping, Mayflowers blooming and Swallows have arrived.
This Song Sparrow sang to me this morning as I watch the sunrise.

 This container has been great for the suet and lots of entertainment. Hairy Woodpecker.
 I heard him singing again later in the morning, but this time it wasn't to me ...
 It was his girlfriend a little further down.
 The Grackle thought he'd check out the suet.
 He was a bit clumsy and fell instead.
 The Flicker seems to be more agile, but that Grackle still has his eye on it.
 The sweet smell of Mayflowers.
A new visitor today - Immature Male Red-winged Blackbird.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. gotta say the feathers are growing on me especially the acrobatic ones ....