Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 113 - 23rd April 2013 - Birds and Flowers

Up a little earlier than normal lately, so I hope that doesn't become a habit again. Temperature is +0.7, not right warm! Suppose to rain later this afternoon, but I'm planning the bulk of the day inside - baking day! Whoppie Pies for the girls - both chocolate and gingerbread, Larry and his workmates will get the leftovers for their lunch. Planning on making Chili today so some brown bread rolls to go with that would be pretty good, that will give me leftovers for Wednesday. That sounds like a good portion of my day taken up, add in all th regular stuff and I'm good.
What a great day it was to work in the yard, yesterday. Spent part of the morning and most of the afternoon, raking, pulling weeds, etc. Well, I did have a few stops to take photos of the birds around the feeder, hard to work right nearby and not snap a few. Of course, Lexi and I had to do our normal routes around the hood. Exercise class last night - I was hurtin' before I even got home! Cindy is hard on us, guess it's one of those "it's for your own good" things. Larry finished putting the roof on his woodshed after supper, now all we have to do is buy shingles. The wood arrived last week so guess he's going to be busy in his spare time. Thank goodness it's daylight longer.
 First time I've seen William in a few weeks. Hope he takes takeout for Kate!
 Appears to be a "men's only" club of these Evening Grosbeaks.
Mayflowers are really in full bloom now.

My Daphne bush is in full bloom now and the leaves are popping out.

 I enjoy watching the Flicker.
I think this Myrtle Warbler followed me home yesterday! He and the Chickadee had lunch together.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Oh goody we are getting some goodies :) Nice photos and yes even the ones of the feathered creatures!!! I must say the grosbeaks creep me out but the flicker is growing on me!! Nice to see William I am sure Kate is otherwise occupied lol
    Coffee sounds good and actually I made the run to Tim's so I am sipping away. I have one dog under my desk and one directly behind me. Maneuvering is challenging but you can tell that Jacki's dogs are used to sleeping all day. I think it helps that we have a play time outside prior to coming into the shop. SOrry I am blogging on your blog lol. You have a productive day ....now I am thinking a pot of chili sounds like a good idea and rolls. Perhaps I will make bread and rolls on the weekend :) Have a good day and kudos to Cindy fo working y'all :)