Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 97 - 7th April 2013 - Surf, Sea and Sand

It's a tad nippy out there this morning, temperature is -4.8. I should have run to catch the sunrise, but late night required a sleep in til 6:30. No idea what's happening today but since the rest of the week doesn't look that great weather wise, think we take advantage of it. I've got to take some photos of a truck today. Yup, chipmunks and trucks will soon be my speciality! Editing, housework, etc can all wait til tomorrow, today I'll goof off (again).
It was a girls day on Saturday and I can truthfully say that "Thelma and Louise" had an excellent adventure. The plan was to attend a political meeting at 6pm in Port Mouton, so we left home at 11am. We did a leisurely drive to Liverpool, stopping at the beach in Hunt's Point for some photos. Then on to White Point to check out the new lodge and more photos, enjoyed an Irish Coffee and a lovely break in our trip. The new lodge is nice, certainly not like the old one. Headed onward to Liverpool and did some grocery shopping at 2 stores - not just one!! It's difficult to understand the excitement but... Poked around Liverpool for a bit, then had a wonderful meal at Lane's. It's been a long time since either of us had eaten their and I would really recommend it if you are in the area. I had the Barss Burger - Meadowbrook Italian sausage - fabulous, Sherri had the Chicken BLT which she said was great. Dessert was the topper - Turtle cheesecake for me, apple crisp with ice cream for her, both homemade and delicious. By now it was time to go back to Port Mouton, home by 9:15pm. A long day but a great one. It's been a bit of a rotten week and the break today was just what I needed. Sometimes you really don't need to go far.
 Lots of Surf,
 Sand and

 At one of the wharfs - wire lobster traps...
 wooden straps
 Cottages at Hunts Point.

The view from White Point Lodge
 and looking in the other direction.

 The Entry at White Point.
The side that faces the water.

Think I got carried away with photos, time to drink my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. I think this is one of my fav's lol...of course I was there to witness the exquisite photography ...even when I thought I had lost you. What a relief when you clibed up over the bank :) It was a fun day but I did not have the BLT I had the chicken panini with pesto and apple salad, greens, blue cheese and a poppy seed dressing...(I didn't want to finish it as I wanted all of the flavours to last) It was a great day and lots of laughter...and all three dogs survived being supervised by Capt. Billy lol White Point was beautiful and I was relieved to see that they were able to maintain that "rustic charm"......did someone say roadtrip again soon? Maybe Yarmouth? Perhaps we should plan for an overnighter(a 45min drive took how many hours?) lol I am game!!