Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 103 - 13th April 2013 - Sunrises, Flicker and Grackles

I can't think many people are looking forward to a rainy weekend, but looks like that's what we've been handed. Temperature is +1.0 this morning. I guess I'll be doing some more book editing, but it also might be day for a road trip with the "bestie" - Barrington, perhaps - should only take us 4 hours to get there! I suspect Larry will plant  more seeds - he has some tomatoes and peppers started in the basement under lights. Once they poke through the ground and develop their secondary leaves they'll have to be moved and that's usually when the space problems begin. Oh well, cross that bridge when it happens.
The weather held off until after supper but the air was cold and had a raw feeling all day. It was a day to catch up around the house as well as spend a fair amount of time outside roaming the hood. Let Lexi in yesterday morning, just as I could see a glimmer of light from the horizon and decided to stand on the deck and listen to the sounds - like everything awakening at once. The Song Sparrow was singing on one side, meanwhile I could hear the Wood Ducks squealing in the lake and a Mallard or Black duck in the other lake. You just can't get better than mornings in the country!
 My day started with the sunrise - beautiful colors.

 A still morning, but you could hear the birds singing, ducks quacking as the flew overhead.

 Yellow Shafted Flicker arrived in the yard today.
A noisy fellow, but interesting.

The Grackles meeting in a tree.

Time to finish my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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