Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 110 - 20th April 2013 - Evening Grosbeaks and Mallards

Another week has gone by and it's the weekend once again - well I should say our regular wet weekend. Windy and rainy - great to wake up to, maybe I should have slept in a little longer. I guess at some time it will be off for groceries and mostly inside work today - maybe it will give me a chance to work on editing. Have not idea what kind of trouble Larry and Lexi will get into.
Yesterday was overcast and drizzly in the morning, turned rather muggy later with a dash of rain thrown in for good measure. On our morning walk, we saw another 6 Canada Geese fly overhead. Stopped to talk to Lois - we decided that they must be the Royal Nursery team coming in for the births; you know midwife, wet nurse etc. I saw them again after supper in the cove but didn't get any pictures they don't seem to stay in one place long and aren't as friendly as Kate & William. My head is still not great but am surviving as I'm sure I will.
 Female Evening Grosbeak - we still have about a dozen stop on a daily basis.
 Male Evening Grosbeak
Loon in the lake - wish they would come just a little bit closer.

  I love to watch the ducks take off and land - pair of Mallards.

Thought I had better include something besides birds!

Enjoy your day!

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