Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 99 - 9th April 2013 - Wood Ducks, Grackles, Chipmunks and Chickadees

Since the weather man goofed yesterday hoping he might make the same mistake today and it will turn out sunny. Temperature is  +1.7. Didn't do any cookies yesterday as Larry noted when he checked the can after supper last night, so guess I better throw those together, then it's back to research to see if I can make any progress to finish up a couple of requests. Although I really need to check out some resources at the centre before I can move further. Maybe tomorrow I can find time for that when I'm in town.
Monday turned out to be one fantabulous day in the weather department. Temperature went up to +19, felt like we had jumped right into summer...better not talk too loud, might have snow tomorrow! I did get  a few things done inside before the sun came out then Lexi and I were yard bound. The feeders have been visited by Grackles and Blue Jays the last few days, seems the Red Polls  and Goldfinches have moved on. Of course the Chickadees and Nuthatches are constant company, but I'm not sure how impressed they are with those bigger birds taking up all the space. Exercise class last evenings - as always quite a workout and a large group.
Wood Duck - not a great pic but I was a bit startled and looking into the sun.
 It was so dreary and overcast looking in the morning.
 Both the female and male.
 My first loon sighting in the lake, have heard them for a week or two.
 And the woodies fly off.
 We have a group of Grackles in the yard, don't think he was impressed with this Blue Jay.
 Umm.....I need new sandals! It's getting warmer.
 My beautiful girl - Lexi.
The little chipmunk has found some playmates.

Time for refill. Enjoy your day!

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  1. With any luck they will dine on that chipmunk ;) jk Nice shot of the boats waiting to be boarded. Have a good day!